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News & Notes

Have you joined the PTA yet??

Joining the PTA does not obligate you to meetings or volunteer time (see below).  Although we would LOVE to have you do both, purchasing a membership simply shows GCSD that our parents are involved and supportive of our school and students.  Memberships are only $5 each, and we only ask for one membership per family.  We have a prize drawing for PTA members at each PTA sponsored event.  All members are included in the drawings.  Look for the membership form and PTA welcome back packet with your student's paperwork this week.  We are looking forward to having more families joining the PTA this year than EVER before!!  Help us make it happen!!! :)  

Cashion PTA…

How involved do you want to be??

PTA Volunteer  Sign up to assist at various PTA sponsored events as your interests & availability allow. No minimum time commitment. Membership is highly encouraged, but not required.

PTA Member - $5 membership dues per family. Demonstrates your support of our students and PTA! No obligation to attend meetings. Allowed to vote on PTA matters, including budget and Executive Officers.

PTA Board Member – Attend monthly meetings. Help with planning & organizing of PTA events. May include paperwork, filing reports, making calls, and/or visiting local businesses. $5 membership required.