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Without your help, funding the classroom support, curriculum support, and programs outlined in our budget, would be impossible. In order to provide our children with the best educational experience we can, our PTA must find ways generate money. We try to find fundraising opportunities that provide us with the most benefit without overburdening our parents. We hope you will support our fundraisers this year and join with us in reaping the benefits of working so hard for our children. 


Year-Round Fundraising Opportunities

Robert E. Cashion is fortunate to participate in many year-round programs that help earn money for our school with little to no cost to our families!

publix-keychain.jpgPublix Partners

Every time you scan your Robert E. Cashion Publix Partners card at checkout, our school earns a percentage of your purchase!


Bi-Lo boostersplus®


Every time you shop for groceries using your My BI-LO BONUSCARD®, the boostersplus program donates 1% of your purchase to Robert E. Cashion. Just make sure to register your BI-LO BONUSCARD® with our school.



When you make purchases using The Ingles Advantage™ Card, Ingles will give back to Robert E. Cashion a portion of those sales. Link your Advantage™ Card to Robert E. Cashion now!



Box Tops for Education

Box Tops is a great way to earn “free” money for our school! Box Tops are easy, fun and the kids REALLY get into collecting and counting them!

If you’re new to the program, here’s how it works:

  1. Clip Box Tops from your favorite General Mills products. They do not need to be neatly trimmed. Just make sure the expiration date is visible, and that they have not expired.
  2. Send your Box Tops to school on a collection sheet, or in a sealed plastic baggie or envelope. Please make sure your child’s teacher’s name and grade are visible. If you have counted the number you are submitting, please write it on the outside as well; if not, we are happy to count them for you.
  3. We will run collection competitions from time to time.  Watch for flyers to come home in your child's folder.

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